Shipments sent through courier service will have a weight limit of 35 kg per box, the package may not exceed 100 linear inches.

Small and urgent packages will be sent via courier service for fastest service.

All items received in the offices of Expressit-USA in Miami until 10:00 am (Monday through Friday) are eligible to be shipped the same day.  They are transported by air to Santiago in just 24 hours. When your shipment arrives in Santiago, you will be notified by email or phone informing that the merchandise has arrived and is available for pickup.  If delivery is needed, arrangements can be made according to the location for the next business day.

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is available several days a week. Cargo with a minimum of 1 cubic meter may be shipped through ocean freight. There is no weight limit but there may be a size limit for very large items.  Please inquire with our customer service for more information.

Air Freight

  Items that are larger than 75lbs and/or 100 linear inches which need to arrive quickly can be shipped though Courier XL service.

  This type of service is available several days a week.

  Please inquire with customer service for availability.

Mail Boxes

As our customers, you will have a physical address in Miami, FL USA which you can use to purchase in the U.S.

✓ Fast shipping of your merchandise, receiving it the next day in Chile.

✓ Customs procedures will be included for all merchandise with a value of up to $3,000.00

✓ If the value is more, we will guide you to qualified agents that can assist with the customs procedures.

✓ The ability to buy in many stores or virtual malls that do not sell outside of the North American market.

✓ Access offers and exclusive promotions offered only to U.S. residents.

✓ Contact suppliers of raw materials, spare parts, tools, software, media etc. that are not available in your country in order to receive better pricing and lead times.

✓ Buy books, magazines and publications at better prices and have them before they are available in your country.

✓ The acquisition of materials and merchandise through the electronic market (via the Internet) and transporting it to your preferred location.

✓ We are an established company with over twenty years of experience in handling International PO Boxes and are familiar with the secrets that make speedy and inexpensive purchasing abroad.

Purchasing Services

✓ We will make purchases for you worldwide, according to your specifications.

✓ There are no limits to the value of your purchases.  But please remember the following rules for the admission of your merchandise through customs:

✓ If the total value of your shipment is over $ 3,000.00, customs clearance must be performed by a customs agent, in which case we will contact you with qualified professionals that can assist with the process.


✓ If the total value of your shipment is less than $ 3,000.00, the procedures through customs in Chile will be made by Expressit_USA. This stage is the fastest and occurs on the day of arrival in Chile.


We can repackage all of your merchandise into smaller or larger units (at your request) to save you money in shipping by reducing excess volume.  We also package loose or poorly packaged items for better protection.  This service requires 24-hour advance notice.

Warehousing and Storage

We are your warehouse in the United States where you can store your merchandise until you are ready to ship. We have the ability to store merchandise large and small with access to loading docks.  Free storage has a maximum of 30 days

Virtual USA Phone Number

Call to and from the USA from your cell phone outside the U.S. without incurring long distance charges. You will have a USA phone number for your business or personal needs with the option of making conference calls without additional equipment.  This service includes your own personal virtual assistant in conjunction with a voicemail for when you are not available. And the best part is that this will complete your virtual office in USA.


The following lines of cosmetics products can be imported into Chile.

These items require entry permission into Chile which we can now offer to our customers.




Obtain your USA telephone number and receive phone calls as if you were in the United States.


Allows you to make phone calls to and from the US without long-distance fees.


Conference calls are very easy with our mobile app.


Voicemail that you can receive anywhere.


No need for equipment. All you need is our application.


Your virtual assistant will take all your calls as if you were in the USA.

Expressit International is the leader in courier and cargo shipments to Chile via air and ocean transportation.


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