All packages and documents not exceeding 25kg and 100 linear inches may travel via courier service.  This is the fastest service available and is offered 4-5 times a week.  

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is available several days a week. Ocean cargo has a minimum of 1 cubic meter/ 3 cubic feet. There is no weight limit but there may be a size limit for very large items.  Transit time is approximately 3 weeks to a month, depending on availability. Please inquire with our customer service department for more information.

Air Freight

Air freight is used for items larger than 25kg/55lbs with a total shipment minimum of 100kg/220lbs.  This is ideal for when you need to ship large items that need to arrive quickly. Cargo ships several days a week depending on space and availability.  All cargo must ship on stamped fumigated pallets which we take care of for you, if needed. 

There are two types of Cargo service we offer.  You have the option to ship airport to airport. For this service the customer will be responsible for all processes at destination, such as customs brokerage service, airport documentation and retrieval of merchandise. Another option would be sending the freight with our consolidation which is where Expressit handles all processes at destination for you.

Mail Boxes

As pioneers in mailboxes for Chile, our established company has decades of knowledge and experience that will make purchasing and shipping a smooth transaction.

As our customer, you will have a physical address in Miami, FL USA that you can use to make purchases within the U.S. and from around the world.  It is your virtual warehouse for all your orders. You can purchase from stores and virtual malls that do not normally sell outside of North America. You will be able to take advantage of special pricing for U.S. customers with better transit times.

We will store your purchases safely for up to 90 days and ship it all when you are ready.  90-day storage is included with your free mailbox service.

Purchasing Services

We will make purchases for you worldwide, according to your specifications. Purchases can be made through online services or through large or small U.S suppliers not selling outside of the United States.  There is no limit to the value of the purchase but please remember purchases must be prepaid.


We can repackage all of your merchandise into smaller units (at your request) to save you money in shipping by reducing excess volume.  We also package loose or poorly packaged items for better protection in transportation.

We will prepare your pallets for transportation.  We can have crates built to assure adequate protection of your delicate items. Depending on the type of repacking needed, at least a 24-hour advance notice is required.

Warehousing and Storage

We are your warehouse in the United States where you can store your merchandise until you are ready to ship. We have the ability to store merchandise large and small.  Our warehouses have loading docks that facilitate receiving of most types of merchandise, large or small.

We offer free storage for all cargo being shipped with a maximum of 30 days.  Courier packages have a 90-day storage limit. 


We now offer ocean shipments of many cosmetics without requiring additional permits unlike air shipments.

Please review the brands and types of cosmetics and splashes we are allowed to ship through ocean freight without having to request additional permits.



Obtain your USA telephone number and receive phone calls as if you were in the United States.


Allows you to make phone calls to and from the US without long-distance fees.


Conference calls are very easy with our mobile app.


Voicemail that you can receive anywhere.


No need for equipment. All you need is our application.


Your virtual assistant will take all your calls as if you were in the USA.

Expressit International is the leader in courier and cargo shipments to Chile via air and ocean transportation.

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