Expressit specializes in shipments to Chile. Our offices in Santiago receive our shipments and distribute to the final destination. If the location is in the delivery area around Santiago, our office will deliver the next business day. For destination outside of our delivery area, logistics are arranged for delivery to its final destination. Expressit also ships heavy cargo to other destinations around the world.

You receive significant benefits such as:

  • The ability to buy in many stores or virtual malls that do not sell outside of the North American market.
  • Access offers and exclusive promotions offered only to U.S. residents
  • Contact suppliers of raw materials, spare parts, tools, software, media etc. that are not available in Chile in order to receive better pricing and lead times.
  • Buy books, magazines and publications at better prices and have them before they are available in your country. 
  • The acquisition of materials and merchandise through the electronic market (via the Internet) and transporting it to your preferred location.

We are an established company with offices in Miami, FL USA and Providencia, Santiago, Chile since 1992. As pioneers of international PO Boxes for customers in Chile, our long experience in the market and familiarization with the secrets of the industry allow us to provide speedy shipments and customs clearance process of your packages. 

There are no limits to the value of your purchases.  But please remember the following rules for the admission of your merchandise through customs:

  • If the total value of your shipment is less than $ 3000.00, the procedures through customs in Chile will be made by Expressit. This stage is the fastest and occurs on the day your package arrives in Chile.
  • If the total value of your shipment is over $ 3000.00, customs clearance must be performed by a customs agent. 

For courier shipments: 

  • Small and urgent packages will be sent via courier service for fastest service.
  • Each package may not exceed 25kg/55lbs per box. 
  • The package may not exceed 100 linear inches.  (L + W + H )


  • When packages are larger than 25kg/55lbs Expressit offers alternative transport service via air cargo or ocean freight. 
  • There are generally no limits in weight  for shipments sent through cargo aircrafts or Ocean freight but there are size limits.  Please inquire for exact sizes.
  • According to international rules governing air transport, there are products which are considered hazardous materials that could cause damage to the aircraft or risk to passengers and crew such as fuel, pesticides, corrosives, explosives, aerosols, perfumes and flammable items containing alcohol, among others which must be authorized the United States in order to be transported. Special requirements may apply.
  • Make up, creams, and over the counter medications have certain restrictions for entry into Chile.  For these items special forms and a simple declaration must be submitted for approval by ISP (Instituto de Salud Pública).  This procedure incurs additional charges.  The approval process takes approximately 5 business days.
  • Expressit does not transport cash, precious jewelry, precious metals, pornography, firearms, drugs, alcoholic beverages, or perishable groceries.
  • If you are interested in purchasing special products for shipment to Chile, you should consult with Expressit’s customer service team prior to finalizing the purchase in to assure a full understanding the shipping charges associated with the product.
  • Vegetable products or livestock. They are inspected and approved by the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG).
  • Food, chemicals and medicine. They are inspected and licensed by the Department of Metropolitan Environmental Health (SESMA) and / or National Health Service (NHS).
  • Articles containing boundary entry into Chile. They are reviewed and approved by the Director of Borders and Boundaries (DIFROL).
  • Make up, creams, and over the counter medications have certain restrictions for entry into Chile.  For these items special forms and a simple declaration must be submitted for approval by ISP (Instituto de Salud Pública).  This procedure incurs additional charges. 

  We have acquired special permission to ship certain cosmetic products via ocean freight service only. Please click here to view the cosmetics lines allowed via ocean.    

  • Documents such as general correspondence, magazines, newspapers and catalogs are free in limited quantities.
  • Usually products with low declared values (less than USD $30) do not pay tariffs, only duties.
  • As a rule, all imported products into Chile generally pay duty as follows:
  • A general tariff of 6% on the CIF value (invoice value + insurance (2%) + theoretical freight, 18% VAT on the CIF value + General Tariff, storage tax 0.97 + VAT (up to 7 days)

Yes.  Due to certain special trade agreements in Chile, some products are exempt from certain duties.  Please inquire for more information:

* The Free Trade Agreement between Chile and USA, requires that the products be manufactured in USA.  If the product has a value up to USD $2500.00 the vendor only has to include on the invoice the text “MADE IN USA”.  If the product value is above $2500.00 it is required that the provider attach a certificate of origin to merchandise.

According to international standards (IATA) those goods that are lightweight and high volume, should be calculated with the volumetric weight.   If the weight is larger than the volume, the weight will be used to calculate the cost of the shipment.  If weight volume is larger than the weight, the weight volume will be used to calculate the cost of the shipment.

You may calculate weight volume by using this equation

Weight Volume in Lbs. Weight volume in KG

L x W x H ÷ 166

Divide result by 2.2

Package distribution companies such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.…  offer various options for deliveries such as Next Day Air, 2-3 days Priority service, and ground service (approximately 7 days). Speed of service depends on the type of service used by the shipper.  Our facilities are open Monday – Friday from 9:00am to 5:30pm for receiving from all logistic partners. 

Courier Service is our fastest form of transportation. Your package is flown into Chile and will be at its destination within 24 – 72 hours depending on final destination.

Cargo Service is for those packages which are over 25kg/55lbs.  This service is available 3-4 times a week depending on availability.  Your shipment will be available 24-72 hours from departure. 

Ocean Freight Services are offered weekly depending on availability.  Usually take 2-4 weeks transit time. 

Ocean Freight Cosmetics are shipped on a monthly basis.  May take 3-6 weeks transit time depending on availability. 

For those duty-free products, such as correspondence, journals, publications and samples of no commercial value, Expressit processes them to be available within 24 hours after arrival.

For goods which their acquisition value is less than $ 3000.00, our dedicated staff presents the completed documentation to customs for speedy clearance, making the merchandise available the next business day after arrival

Those products, whose total value are equal to or greater than US $ 3,001.00 should be processed by a customs broker (which should be arranged by the customer).   Expressit will forward them the necessary documentation in order for them to finish the customs clearance process.

If the value of the goods purchased plus domestic freight in United States to the address in Miami, is $3001.00 or more, a customs broker must be involved in order to perform the necessary procedures for entry into Chile. Once the duties and taxes have been paid the merchandise is then released and arrangements are made for the rest of the logistics.

Duties and taxes may be paid together with the freight prior to departure. If preferred the freight can be paid and the duties and taxes will be due prior to retrieval or delivery of your shipment. 

Customers have the option to pick up the packages in our Santiago offices located at: 

General Bari 155


Santiago, Chile

Otherwise, shipment to final destination can be arranged.  We will deliver to most of the provinces in Santiago.  If the final destination of the shipment is outside of our delivery area, we will arrange logistics for transportation to its final destination

Expressit International is the leader in courier and cargo shipments to Chile via air and ocean transportation.

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